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OotP!DVD Sunday, 18 November 2007 ~ 23:54
Does anyone have any theories about the long delay between the DVD release in the UK and the US? Seems an odd move to me.

Still, I'm not complaining about being on the early shift, though I have mixed feelings about the extra features themselves.

Spoilers, and a picture of Malfoy Manor )
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ebay Monday, 12 November 2007 ~ 19:40
Who else thinks Mr Malfoy would Crucio somebody for this?
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*g* Wednesday, 7 November 2007 ~ 23:29
Turns out the person I sit with at choir is an HP fan - or at least enough of a fan to know some of the latest fandom goings-on. And to recommend this story about one Dad who may live to regret Big Gay Al.

Never thought I'd ever recommend an article in The Sun of all things, but the picture is kind of amusing.
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"People would be surprised to learn that... Oswald Moseley was a hermaphrodite" Tuesday, 6 November 2007 ~ 18:56
After a week of extreme fandom shittiness, the ever-entertaining Jason Isaacs gives an interview.

Some extracts:

Acting is exciting because... I have no idea what's coming next. Also, in my real life, I rarely get to shoot people or cavort with elves.

The roles that attract me tend to be... recognisably complicated men in situations of extreme pressure. Or well paid.

There are a lot of people in Los Angeles who went there because they have the best tits and teeth in their town and they're going to share them with the world, by god.

The north/south divide is... absolute bollocks and unavoidably true.

And finally...

The biggest compliment I've ever received is... Emma saying yes.

Thank you, Mr Isaacs, for reminding us that there's some decency (and humour) in the world.

(And for donning 'puffy velvet trousers' for a Spanish period film...)
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Houseparty reprise 2008 Saturday, 20 October 2007 ~ 20:28
After the success of last year's Hogsmeade Hallowe'en Houseparty and Sectus-induced exhaustion putting paid to a repeat this year, I'm starting to move on plans for Hallowe'en 2008 - a cross between 'Hallowe'en at the Manor' and 'A weekend in Weasley country'.

Details here - if you're interested please let me know so I can have the confidence to go ahead!
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Too much Mel Wednesday, 19 September 2007 ~ 22:42
mood ~ content
music ~ Soundtrack to 'The Patriot'

I finally got hold of The Patriot soundtrack today - I've been wanting it for a while, but the way the themes from the film play over in my head didn't quite outweigh the large photo of Mel Gibson on the cover.

The music, I am pleased to say, is highly listenable (good ol' John Williams), but I was disappointed to see that there was not one picture of Col Tavington in the CD cover sheet. (Come to think of it, there isn't a picture of Lucius on on OotP soundtrack, either. I wonder if it's something Jason puts in his contracts? ;)

I think I'll have to design my own alternative CD cover so I don't wince every time I see it lying around...

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What do you write? Sunday, 9 September 2007 ~ 16:26
This seemed like a good idea at 2am this morning.

I fell to wondering which characters PoVs were most used, and whether there were any minor characters who are unexpectedly popular. I've had related questions in my mental inbox for several months now, and now that I can post polls again, here goes.

And I've been wondering for a while about the writing interests of the IJ community (if there is such a thing yet). So let's find out...

Poll. Please click! )
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*puppy eyes* Sunday, 9 September 2007 ~ 01:06
I don't suppose anyone out there would be willing to beta-read a short (about 700 words) Lucius/Bella/Voldie genfic?

ETA: Thanks, fpb!
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Why I love my employer Saturday, 8 September 2007 ~ 22:22
Friday, 16:10. Into my inbox pops a message: the tasters have just finished testing 200 bottles of wine, and anyone who wants (most) of a bottle to take home for 50p should pop downstairs and form an orderly queue.

Strangely, this announcement wasn't followed by a sudden exodus - most people seemed to think the place would be mobbed and it wasn't worth trying. But after a couple of minutes I overheard a couple of colleagues decide to go for it. I was glad I'd waited, as I'd have never found the place by myself.

I know sod all about wine, so I went for an organic white from which little had been removed (not sure whether that means the tasters didn't like it, or it was good enough/distinctive enough that they didn't need much to form an impression). I liked it, anyhow - but what I liked more was the rather surreal sight of everyone wandering around the building with opened bottles of wine.

As they also subsidise pretty much any evening class I'd care to indulge in, I've also signed up with the handily local Arts Centre for a course in stained glass, followed by another in jewellery making. I'm hoping that I won't turn out to be the only clueless beginner surrounded by cool arty types.

On a more Potterish note, hp_holidaygen signups started last week. You've got until next Saturday to sign up - go on, you know you want to. ;)

[PS - I'm sure I've seen people link to LJ sites using something that looks like the LJ user=... tag. Anyone out there care to enlighten me as to how?]

ETA Oooh, and there's [info]luciusfqf, too, which includes gen, het and slash categories. Now taking prompts for sign-ups starting next week, but fics can be posted until February. Will I resist the temptation to break my resolution only to sign up for one ficfest at a time?
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Bah Sunday, 26 August 2007 ~ 14:58
mood ~ not amused

So, I just got back online after a week's absence, with a ton of things to do, only to find that IJ seems to have deleted all my custom colours. I'm still trying to tweak the settings so I can see all the bits of text...

And I'm missing LJ's option to post from my own front page. I'm not sure if there's a more elegant way of doing so than going via my userinfo, save setting up a Firefox shortcut (though that'll only work from this computer...)

*glares at Tweak*

Hard-coded colours: clumsy, but effective.
(Though I thought I had it sorted last time, too. Must learn to use styles properly one day!)

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My accomplishment for today Monday, 13 August 2007 ~ 23:48
mood ~ artistic

So much for making a quick move over here.

Not only does IJ not have the layout I was using over at LJ, they don't have the cute dragon mood themes, either. Well, I've always kind of fancied having a go at making a mood theme, so during 4 hours or train journeys yesterday I sketched out a few ideas. And during 4 hours of fiddling with graphics programs this evening, I've managed to make... one file. My first ever animated gif. :)

Somehow I think that creating a whole mood theme is going to take a looong time!

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Well, here I am Saturday, 11 August 2007 ~ 23:18
mood ~ testing
music ~ Laptop hum

So much for 'quickly' tweaking the layout. I've been trying to figure it out for hours and I'm kind of happy with it now, though I hate to think what bugs will show up.

If it looks really weird on your browser, let me know, eh?

And does anyone out there know how to put a picture in the background? I know a few on my flist have done it...

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Decor and Cosplay Saturday, 11 August 2007 ~ 12:34
I've been using ljseek to seek out Prophecy con reports - and look for photos of the decor, of course. All in all, I don't think we did too badly by comparison at Sectus. There were some clever touches - like the fireplace in the common room with Sirius' head in it - but my only serious case of envy was for the huge clock at the ball. I'd love to know how that was constructed - and how they got it there!

All in all, though, the decor in the photos I saw looked rather tacked on to the hotel. And to be fair, much the same can be said of the Sectus decor, in the main venue at any rate. To really transform a space needs serious budget and - more significantly in our case - serious co-operation from the venue. (We were considering doing something that would have looked similar to that clock in our Time Room, but without being able to stick things to the wall it wasn't going to happen in the time/budget available.) And there needs to be a balance between big set-pieces that make people go 'WoW' (and provide photo backdrops), and little details scattered throughout. Or, even better, a suitable venue as background, like an Oxbridge college or a castle...

I've been struck - both in the Prophecy photos and at Sectus - by people who successfully cosplay a recognisable character. My own inclination is to use the Potterverse to let loose my own flights of fancy rather than get bogged down in copying someone else's ideas - I don't think I've either the patience or skill to copy, and I'm always amazed when I see people bring it off. But I also love to see interpretations of characters not in the films - like [info]blue_braces' Professor Binns, or the Fat Friar at Accio 05.

So I've been wondering: who could I play successfully? I still want to have another go at Lucius, but I'm not overly confident of bringing him off - just not tall enough. :) There don't seem to be many thirty-something witches in the books, and though I can pass for mid-twenties I'm not all that keen on Tonks. I'm thinking maybe Rowenna Ravenclaw or the Grey Lady would be my best bets, though I'm not getting incredibly inspired by either at the moment. Though that bit of backstory we got in DH could be useful. Hmmm...
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The Great Escape Friday, 10 August 2007 ~ 22:59
I finally bit the bullet and staked my claim to chthonia on IJ (which irritates me every time I look at it) and GJ. A silver lining of all this for me is being able to reclaim my 'real' name. ;) But I won't be using them, except perhaps for commenting - unless most of my friends actively migrate, I'll stick with LJ until a fan-run alternative becomes available.

I've seen a lot of comments about people not wanting to lose track of their friends and about not wanting fandom to split, and while I'd prefer everyone to be in the same place I can't help wondering how much difference it will really make. Personally, a week ago I'd never heard of the people who've been deleted, and I very much doubt they've ever heard of me. Which isn't to say that I don't think they've been treated abominably, nor that I won't move once the direction of movement becomes clear, but it's not going to be a great loss to me if NC-17 cross-gen slash is primarily posted elsewhere when I rarely came across it here anyhow. In fact, the part of me that gets rather annoyed when people speak as though fandom=slash=porn can't help wondering whether I might feel more at home here if LJ became less dominated by that segment of fandom.

What will be a great loss to me, of course, is if all of you friends who post NC-17 slash along with the more personal and theoretical posts feel you have to move. But before LJ we had pairing-specific mailing lists, archives for NC-17 only, archives that stretched to R and archives aimed squarely at younger readers. Whatever mishmash of different journals we end up with, it's not going to be as segregated as that again.

Actually, I'm kind of curious to see which way it goes - will IJ!fandom differ from GJ!fandom, and will both have an even greater concentration of porn than we've seen here? Will fandom desert LJ, or will LJ fandom shrink and change in tone?

Change happens - it's part of life. But fandom will survive.
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OotP Thursday, 9 August 2007 ~ 22:04
On the offchance that there's anyone peeking at this journal for whom it's relevant and who hasn't already seen it elsewhere, I seem to be organising a trip to see the IMAX version of OotP in London, probably on 18th or 19th August. Details/discussion at [info]london_t00bs, if you're interested.

My colleague went to see it yesterday and was squeeing merrily this morning about how awesome it was...
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Sorry, couldn't resist Monday, 6 August 2007 ~ 20:54
Why I'll be ToSsed )
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About a book Saturday, 28 July 2007 ~ 20:25
Over the last few days, I've been doing a lot of thinking along the lines of '7 days ago I was...'

So 7 days ago, as I write this (11:46 am - am finally posting several hours later), I was sitting in Room 101 at the Grafton, pushing bits of cold breakfast round my plate because I was too tense to eat it. I even ended up filling a drinks bottle with hot water as a makeshift hot water bottle in an attempt to relax. Meanwhile, [info]kennahijja lay on the bed next to mine, slowly catching up on me as we read in a silence punctuated by exclamations, hysterical laughter, tears, and trips to the loo.

And finally, a week later, here's my impression of the book. Boy, has it been hard returning to mundane office work with this (and a million breeding plotbunnies) whirling round my head!

Spoilers, obviously )

Right, that's way too much rambling for one day. Now at last I can feel free to go see what everyone else is saying!
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Sectus - a decor-centric account Wednesday, 25 July 2007 ~ 20:43

There have been a few times in the last few months when I've wanted to post progress reports on my preparations for Sectus decor, but you were spared by my desire to keep most of it secret. As our decor budget was 1/16 that of Prophecy's, we needed to rely on surprise and ingenuity to make an impact. Word is that we succeeded...

With three venues to set up and take down my time among the throng was limited, and it felt as if it was over almost before it began. But there was time to meet old friends and new, to listen to a couple of presentations and even give one. Being with fellow fandomers last weekend was very special, and coming out of that atmosphere was a wrench. Roll on next time...

In case anyone reading this hasn't read the book yet, I'll do a separate spoilery post later with my reflections on that.

No spoilers here, but images aplenty: be warned! )
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Pottermania begins Sunday, 15 July 2007 ~ 01:15
Those of you I've corresponded with via LJ will have noticed I've been rather quiet recently. This is why.

Less than a week to go now, and I'm in the final mad throes of realising that there are some things (including, sadly, my planned costume for the ball) that I have no chance of getting done by Wednesday. And I was most amused last Sunday when my Dad found a box at the side of the house addressed to me - even on Sunday I'm not immune from receiving intriguing parcels! Sectus has doubled my ebay feedback score (not that it was particulary impressive, but considering I registered for ebay back in 2004...)

So, I guess I wanted to add my comments about Movie!OotP to the general clamour. I saw it in Little Whinging's bland cinema, with my parents, on the 12th, and was a litle underwhelmed. In fairness to the movie, the children behind us munching popcorn throughout didn't help, nor did my general stress about Sectus (Why oh why did we go for a Ministry theme when the film is going to fix an unobtainable image of the Ministry in everyone's head? (And yes, I know that was my fault.) And now I want some extendable ears - I'm hoping ebay will provide on time.)

Still, the more we see of the movies, the more I feel they really should have waited until the seventh book had come out so they could write them more coherently. This one felt rushed, with a lot of background detail that wasn't relevant to the plot and was potentially confusing - though visually it was stunning and the sound/music worked well for me. And yet, and yet... on reading OotP - my first book since immersing myself in the fandom - I remember saying to [info]kennahijja that I couldn't wait to see them film the MoM scene. So if I was set to enjoy any movie, it was this one. But it didn't add anything to my appreciation of the books - seeing things from a more neutral PoV than Book!Harry's didn't add anything, unlike with movie!Gof where the celebratory mood of the Hogwarts spectators brought home the dissonance with Harry's experience in the graveyard much more strongly than as seen by Harry.

A few more detailed thoughts on the movie )

I don't suppose I'll post again until after Sectus. It's an odd state of mind in which to be reading the last book - I have so much to do in the next few days that the organisation is overshadowing any excitement (or dread) about DH. If anyone's reading this who's going to Sectus, do come and say hello (I'll either be running around like a snidget on speed or collapsed in a corner.)

And to everyone - see you on the other side of The End. :)
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Monday, 9 April 2007 ~ 00:33
Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it.

I always find it a bit strange, to be focusing on death and emptiness on Good Friday when everything around is bursting into life. Didn't feel I connected much with the services but then figured that the disconnection was where I was at just now and that I should stay with it rather than try to invoke something more affirming. And I did feel a little twinge of life during the Easter service, so here's hoping.

Didn't get either of the two jobs I interviewed for, though one was close enough that they actually took a day longer than they'd planned to decide. So not feeling too down about it, though still have no bloody idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life, which is getting frustrating. Meanwhile I have three week's work lined up with one of Little Whinging's most prominent employers, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they work. Job itself sounds pretty interesting too - certainly temping in the South seems to yield more interesting work than in Scotland.

On a more trivial note, I was highly amused at the Harry Potter references in last night's Doctor Who. Crossover goes pro... almost. ;)

Am rather less impressed by the UK book cover art, though - at first glance it as the same cartoonish distortion as Terry Pratchet books, far more so than the others. I suppose HBP was heading that way, but the flames distracted from the character's faces somewhat, and the back cover art was appropriately atmospheric. For once, I'm actually more drawn to the US art. Wonder if it's possible to change my Sectus bookorder for the adult version? I have the adult version of the first book, so at least it wouldn't completely spoil the sequence.
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